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Terms & Conditions

  1.  “The Bifold Shop” shall be called the Company throughout this document. It is the intention of the Company that all terms of the Contract between the Customer and the Company are contained in this document together with the signed order. Please ensure that any oral representations or promises which you wish to rely on are written on the comments section of the order form and signed by the Customer and an authorised Company Representative otherwise they will not be deemed to be included in the Contract.
  2. Any subsequent amendments must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by the other party. Any alteration required to the order after manufacture shall be deemed to constitute a separate contract.
  3. There are two options available to the Customer, supply only or supply and installation. There are certain terms and conditions below that will apply to either option only.
  4.  In the wording of the Contract the use of abbreviations, product codes and terminology particular to the industry is unavoidable. If you are uncertain as to the meaning of these, please request clarification from the Company representative and/or Surveyor. The Customer and the Company’s representative must sign any alterations or errors on the order form.
  5.  The Bifold Shop’s distribution system is geared and insured primarily for delivering to commercial premises owned by its customers. This allows an efficient, repeatable and predictable route to be calculated that is used week after week.
  6.  In general we will only undertake site deliveries if certain criteria are satisfied. In order for us to assess your request, please indicate by ticking the box that the following points apply;
    1. The site is easily accessible for 18ton, rigid bodied lorry with tail-lift
    2. No weight restrictions apply to the area specified.
    3. A representative will be available to help unload and sign for the delivery.
    4. The vehicle will not be able to leave the highway and enter private grounds if the driver is unsure of the road’s ability to carry the vehicle’s weight.
  7.  Due to the risks associated with deliveries to non-commercial the customer will entirely and irrevocably accept any and all liability for all claims and /or injury arising directly or indirectly out of Bifold Shop staff or representatives delivering and unloading goods and the placing and stacking of them by the kerbside at the above address and will indemnify the Bifold Shop and directors, employees and representatives from all claims, expenses, damages and costs arising in connections with this additional service except where caused by extreme negligence on the part of the Bifold Shop delivery service.
  8. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, the Company’s acceptance of supply and installation of the order is subject to survey, which will be carried out no later than 21 days from notification that the site is prepared and ready for survey. Should the survey disclose adverse structural conditions the Company will on request provide the Customer with the details of this and reserves the right to cancel the Contract by serving due notice to the Customer and by refunding any payments made by the Customer in connection with this Contract.
  9.  The time period quoted for delivery commences only from receipt of manufacturing payment, completion of survey or receipt of signed contract (not from receipt of deposit payment). We will use our best endeavours to adhere to any delivery period quoted to you, though time shall not be the most important element of the Contract.
  10. Building projects are prone to unintentional delays which may be caused by either party in this contract or a third party. Other than as a result of delays caused by the customer which occur while we are working on site the Company will not look to charge any additional costs to complete the works outlined in the contract. In turn the company shall be under no liability in respect of any consequential damage, loss of profit, damage suffered or expenditure incurred whatsoever, whether in contract or tort, in respect of any delays or faulty goods and the Customer will indemnify the Company against any liability in tort of the seller to any third party.
  11. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, the contract price includes one visit to survey, if additional visits are required by the Customer these will be charged at £100.00 (+vat) plus reasonable travelling costs (45p/mile). Where installation teams arrive on site and are unable to proceed because the site is not prepared a charge of £450.00 (+vat) plus reasonable travelling costs (45p/mile) will be applied and need to be paid in advance of a rearranged installation.
  12. If our installation is not completed within the period quoted for delivery, you can, by notice in writing, require us to effect completion within a reasonable extension of time. In general, we would accept that 6 weeks would be reasonable.
  13. If completion is not achieved within the extended time, you may terminate the Contract and cancel our instructions for any work outstanding and the balance due will be adjusted. Any such instruction must be in writing.
  14. For surveying and installation purposes the Customer hereby agrees to allow access to the premises during normal working hours and free use of electricity and water to enable the work specified to be carried out and completed. The Company reserves the right to enforce the payment of 80% of the contract balance when the Customer has unreasonably not agreed an appointment for delivery and installation, or completion, within six weeks of a request by the Company for such an appointment.
  15. On supply only orders the client is responsible for the correct size, design and specification of product and glazing. It is assumed that the Customer has employed the services of an experienced installer and surveyor and the Company responsibility is limited exclusively to the supply of the product. Fixings, sealants (except gaskets) and trims are not included unless specified in the schedule.
  16. Under the company’s policy of continuous improvement to its products, production and installation methods, the customer shall have the benefit of any modifications the company makes to the design specification without notice to the customer unless it will make a significant difference to the appearance of the product in this case the customer will be notified. All drawings and illustrations in the Company’s catalogues, sales and promotional literature are intended as a guide only.
  17. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, the company will take all reasonable care to carry out the work without causing damage to the customer’s premises but will not accept liability for making good or matching interior or exterior finishes. Unless clearly stated in the Schedule, the contract price does not include the repair or replacement of any wood or brickwork found to be defective during the course of the carrying out of the work, unless already included in the contract. Full details of such services and exclusions can be found in the accompanying ‘Explanation of Installation Service’ section of this document.
  18. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, the company does not undertake to move services, fixtures or fittings which are ancillary to the basic structure of the property e.g. radiators, pipes, alarms, electricity or television cables and the customer shall remove all household fixtures before work is due to commence.
  19. The company will not accept liability for any minor imperfections in glass, which are inherent in the handling or manufacturing process of glass. Full details are contained in our guarantee documents accompanying the contract.
  20. Payment terms are strictly in accordance with the Contract.
  21. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, settlement of the outstanding balance on contracts should be paid to the customer service team on the day the installation is completed.
  22. For customers that chose the Supply only service the final payment due must be made 4 working days prior to delivery of the products. Delivery will not be made if the final payment has not been made and cleared by this point.
  23. Payment shall be made by credit or debit card, cheque made payable to the Bifold Shop or cash for which a receipt will be given. When payment is not made in accordance with this condition the outstanding balance shall carry interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof commencing from the date when settlement was due.
  24. For customers requesting the supply and installation service, In the event that the works are not fully completed on the planned date and where a return visit may be required the Customer shall not unreasonably withhold the outstanding balance except for a reasonable amount in proportion to the outstanding work. This includes but is not limited to; minor repairs to scratches in powder coating on frames, replacement handles/hardware and replacement glass units.
  25. The guarantee shall commence from the date of installation/delivery or receipt of final payment whichever is the latter. Service work requests not notified within 48hrs of installation/delivery will not be considered unless the balance has been paid in full.
  26. The Customer has the right to cancel the Contract by written notice of cancellation within the stated period and terms. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellations made by the Customer at any time after a survey has been conducted will be subject to a deduction of £100 (+vat) plus reasonable travelling costs (45p/mile). After a period of seven days from the day after receipt of this Contract additional charges may be applied where the Company can demonstrate that costs have been incurred.

Insurance Backed Guarantee – Installation only customers

As a home owner you should always make sure that any home improvements carried out by a contractor carry a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee, which the Bifold Shop offers. Good contractors will automatically offer you a HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee.

The HomePro Insurance Backed Guarantee offers three levels of cover:

Warranty Insurance

Called a HomePro Value Policy, you will be covered for the period of the Contractor’s written guarantee, subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance. 

Deposit and Warranty Insurance

Called a HomePro Value Plus Policy, your deposit will be covered for a period of 90 days, as well as being covered for the period of the Contractor’s written guarantee, subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance.

Deposit, Work in Progress and Warranty Insurance

Reserved for FairTrades members who have been accepted to the TrustMark scheme. All member of the TrustMark scheme are required to offer their customers insurance which protects:-

  • Deposits taken before work starts
  • Work during the period it is being carried out or work in progress
  • Guarantee provided by the contractor, subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance.

The Bifold Shop appreciate that doing home improvements should not be a gamble so we recommend that customers should only deal with companies they can fully research, that offer comprehensive guarantees and the facility to pay by credit card where the majority offer additional protection.

Your Right To Cancel

You have the right to cancel this agreement. You can do so by sending or taking a WRITTEN notice of cancellation to Customer Services, Bifold Shop, 13 Enterprise Way, Cheltenham GL51 8LZ

You have SEVEN DAYS starting with the day after you receive this copy. If cancelling by post recorded delivery is advisable. If you wish to cancel after seven days, we will be prepared to consider releasing you from the Contract providing you compensate us for losses and expenses we have incurred.

Scope of Professional Survey and Fixing Service

If you have chosen our popular ‘Professional Survey and Fixing’ service it is important that you know what is included. This service is primarily designed as a competitively priced package to fix your Bi-folding Doors (and possibly windows and other door types) into a suitable opening in your home prepared in advance of survey by you or your builder. This opening must be clear of all obstructions (including old doors/windows, scaffolding, temporary boarding etc) at time of installation.

In addition to your doors and insurance backed guarantee this service includes;

  • A visit to site to survey your door opening (and any other items included in your schedule).
  • Delivery and fixing of all items as detailed in your schedule.
  • Our experienced surveyor will take time to discuss the most suitable door design and threshold option for your project.
  • Unless clearly specified in your schedule, the fixing service includes;
    • Secure installation of doors into openings
    • Installation will be with the use of fixing screws or bolts (as appropriate to your building type) and expanding foam. Expanding Foam is not waterproof/watertight and it is the customer’s responsibility to add a waterproof finish e.g. Render, Trims etc.
    • Where the clearance around your outer frame does not exceed 7mm we will seal with silicone (colour to be advised on your survey form). Larger gaps may require making-good by you or your builder. Where this is the case we may use expanding foam to secure the frame.
    • Installations into block work as opposed to brick work will be fixed with expanding foam not silicone unless requested by the customer. This is because the usual finish of Render does not adhere well with silicone. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they waterproof the finish to the installation in this instance.
    • All handles, glass, gaskets, trickle vents and hold-open catches will be fitted in line with your survey document.
    • The Bifold Shop will not accept liability for water ingress where installations are not finished with silicone or trims by our Installers.
    • Our installers will explain how to safely operate the doors and locking mechanisms.

Additional Products and Services for Installation Projects

If you require a more comprehensive installation service, the removal of existing doors and windows or have a more complex project the following products and services are also available through our network of trusted retail installers. Please discuss your requirements with our advisor who will help you decide on the best service to suit your requirements.

  • Rip-out service to remove old doors/windows from an existing opening and take away from site.
  • Full making-good service to external area. Uneven brickwork or out-of-square openings sometimes require trims in addition to silicone seals. Your builder may be able to accommodate this but if not please discuss with our advisor who will advise you on the best solution.
  • When removing existing doors and windows we will make every effort not to damage internal plaster or decorations, however there may be some unavoidable damage. We assume that you or your builder will ‘make good’ any such damage but if you prefer we can offer additional white PVC trims or re-plastering. Provision for this service must be agreed at time of survey.
  • We include standard cills and thresholds. However, depending on internal floor and external ground levels you may need to replace a traditional cill with an aluminium pressing.
  • If your builder has fitted some type of steel structure to support the building above the doors we assume he will supply the materials to cover this, both internally and externally. However, if you prefer we can supply and fix colour matched aluminium pressings.

NOTE: The addition of some of these items and services may affect your installation date.

Workmanship and Material Guarantee

Bifold Shop has earned an excellent reputation for supplying quality products and services and demonstrates a responsible and ethical attitude towards resolving any Customer problems. Most matters are handled without the need to refer to formal agreements; however this document lays out what is covered by your guarantee.

Your guarantee commences upon the delivery/installation of items or upon receipt of final payment whichever is the latter. Service work or replacement parts will not be considered until all balances are paid. The guarantee is offered to the person/company named on the Contract.

PVC Frames: guaranteed against defective workmanship, structural integrity and finish for a period of 10 Years.

Aluminium Frames: guaranteed against defective workmanship, structural integrity and paint finish for a period of 20 Years. In coastal areas the warranty on paint finish at frame joints is only valid if materials are supplied as ‘Marine Grade’ which must be confirmed on contract.

Glass Units: Standard double glazed units are guaranteed against failure (misting of units) for a period of 20 Years. Units incorporating integral blinds are guaranteed for a period of 5 Years. Any marks or scratched on units must be reported within 24 hours of installation. Breakages, marks or scratches reported after this period are not covered.

Locks & Handles: The operation of locks, lever handles, hinges, rollers etc is guaranteed for a period of 10 Years. The finish on lever handles, hinges and rollers is guaranteed for 12 Months.

Shootbolt handles can easily be misused.

They are only designed to withstand the circular motion needed for the gearbox to push the rods into the frame channel. If they are used with a force at 90 degrees to the door to pull it shut they can break. If they are used when the door is not closed properly so that the shootbolt handle hits the frame and not the channel and the operator continues against the resistance they can break. If used properly there should be no issues. The operation of the shootbolt will be covered for 12 months and during this period we will replace one shootbolt handle under this guarantee. Any further shootbolts handles required will be chargeable.

The ‘finish’ on a shootbolt handle is guaranteed for 12 months.

The liability of Bifold Shop is limited to repair or replacement of goods supplied. Bifold Shop shall not be liable for any consequential damage; loss of profit, damage suffered or expenditure incurred whatsoever in respect of any claims under this product guarantee. Neither shall the company be liable for problems or damage arising from a delay in reporting any faults.

Any replacement goods will be guaranteed only until the expiration of the original guarantee period.

Office Address: Bifold Shop a division of JJS Construction Ltd, 13 Enterprise Way, Cheltenham GL51 8LZ

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