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In just a few moments you will have a tailor made quote for your new Bifold doors. Let's start by getting some details about you.

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Please enter the total width and height of the door opening.

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Panel Options

Choose the number of panels based on the total width of your door.


Select the configuration of your doors which are based on the number of panels you have chosen. Options marked with a * have no external access

All configurations are shown as viewed from the outside

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All configurations are shown as viewed from the outside

Make your door your own with a range of colour options. If you would like a custom colour, please select the closest colour or enter the RAL value if you know it.

External Frame Colour

Internal Frame Colour

Lever Handle Colour

Our Lever (traffic) door handles are functional and easy to use, allowing for quick and easy inside and outside access. All handles operate high security multi-point locking and are capable of pulling in heavy panels. They drive shoot bolt locking and have a key locking facility as standard.

Shootbolt Handle Colour

Heavy duty shoot bolts secure the door at the top and bottom of each intermediate panel. Each set of shoot bolts is operated by a pendulum handle. They are specially designed to provide a tight fit giving maximum compression for increased weather performance and secure the panels into the outerframe. They firmly secure the doors in place, to protect against forced entry and come in locking or no locking options.

Hinge Colour

Final Options

We've got a few more options for you. You can carry on customising your quote after clicking get quote.

General Options

Glass Insulation (U Value)

Our standard double glazed units are toughened safety glass, soft coat, 90% argon gas filled sealed units, with a warm edge spacerbar and a centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/M²K.

Other Glass Options


The cill is a separate aluminium extrusion similar to a window cill you see externally. The bottom of the door sits on top of the cill that is designed to project water away from the brickwork underneath the frame.


The weathered threshold is designed for external bifold doors and will normally sit on top of a projecting cill. Lower thresholds (30mm 15mm) are ideal for internal bifolding doors, such as between your house and conservatory as they are a lot lower and if necessary can be sunk into the floor to provide a flush floor level.

Two Levels of Service for Homeowners & Trade Customers

1. Supply & delivery only

A cost-effective option for homeowners and trades looking for a supply and delivery-only service. With this option, you will be responsible for providing accurate measurements and completing the installation. The supply and delivery-only option include:

  • Supplied and delivered to your site (within UK).
  • Comprehensive fitting manual.
  • Operation manual
  • Support from our aftersales team.

2. Supply, delivery and full installation

If you require a complete solution we recommend our full installation package. The full installation package includes:

  • Site survey to ascertain required measurements.
  • Supplied and delivered to your site (within UK).
  • Fitted by our in-house installation team.
  • Operation manual.
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty.