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Range of bi-fold door design and configuration options

Opening options

Choose bi-fold door that open in or out. The bi-fold panels concertina stack to either side of an opening. Opening hinged traffic doors offer a convenient thoroughfare without folding back the panels. Sliding doors offer attractive alternative solutions for larger openings where there’s insufficient clearance to accommodate bi-fold doors.

Thresholds and sills

Our three threshold options for doors let you choose from an almost flush to floor finish to a traditional step. When a flush doorway is required – for example separating two rooms or for wheelchair access - our low threshold options (15mm for internal doors or 20mm for external doors) ensure a smooth, unobtrusive transition. For external doors requiring maximum weather protection, we usually recommend our standard 50mm rebated bottom track solution is used with a 150mm external sill.

Glazing options

We offer different options from leading manufacturers including Pilkington and Saint Gobain
which can reduce energy loss by up to 75%. Our Visoglide and Visofold range come with
a choice of 28mm double or triple glazed units with U- Value as low as 0.7W/m²K.

Choices to consider include:

  • Maximum energy saving and noise reduction with triple glazing
  • Solar control with tinted glass
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Integrated blinds (manual or electric)


The ventilation system allows fresh air into your room whilst keeping the doors closed to maintain higher air quality.

Trickle vents sit between the top of the sealed unit and the door sash.
Traditional 'trickle vents' are fitted in the outer-frame to achieve the same result.


All our aluminium frames are available in your choice of over 200 RAL.

Marine grade, our powder coated paint finishes are guaranteed 25 years.

Magnetic catches

Strong magnetic catches keep doors in securely place when open, safe from closing unexpectedly in to sudden gusts.

Integrated Blinds

Elegant pleated Venetian or slatted blinds in the colour of your choice can be incorporated within the double glazed units within doors or windows.

Fully sealed within the unit, they require no cleaning or maintenance and provide excellent solar control. Operation of the blinds is performed by a clever magnetic control system. For more information visit

Lintel requirement

Our bifolds are not designed to be load bearing, so lintels or structural steel may be required. Our team can give you guidance if required.

To find out more about the many design options available to you,

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